Distribute Fact Sheets

Get the word out and set the record straight, it can be as easy as downloading our fact sheets and giving them to friends, colleagues and family members. Help those in your community better understand the risks from sulfide-ore copper mining proposed in the Boundary Waters watershed and what is at stake. 

The Simple Facts:

Minnesota's iconic public lands are being threatened by sulfide-ore copper mining. This toxic mining practice would harm productive habitats that support fish and game. Pollution from these sulfide-ore copper mines will flow directly into the Boundary Waters. Even conservative models of pollution show that waterways would carry contaminants into the Wilderness. A single mine in this watershed could pollute the areas where you fish or hunt for at least 500 years.

Sporting Heritage

The Boundary Waters is where generations of Minnesotans developed a lifelong love of hunting and fishing. Action is needed to ensure future generations can enjoy the clean water, world- renowned angling and incomparable scenery that so many have come to know and cherish.

A Thriving Economy

The Boundary Waters is the economic lifeblood of Northeastern Minnesota's lucrative outdoor recreation and tourism industry. Tourism in northeastern Minnesota generates $913 million per year in sales revenue and supports 17,000 jobs. Minnesota accounts for the 7th most spending on hunting and fishing of any state, supporting 47,901 jobs and spending 3.17 billion annually.

Fish and Game Habitat

The clean waters and unspoiled forests of the Boundary Waters provide critical habitat for wildlife, including moose, bear, deer, walleye, bass, trout, pike, grouse, waterfowl and more.